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After lots of research we have located a potential dog sitter for Gordon. This will enable us to be able too drop him off overnight or during the day if we want to do something that we can't do with him. The fringe is on in Edinburgh in August and there is a festival or two that we can go to. As the weather heats up and we want to go on long distance walks it may be better for him to have somewhere to go.

We had arranged for a trial sleepover for this evening. It's to see wether he likes the sitter and if they alll get on.

A nice man with a houseful of other dogs. Gordon is a very social animal so fingers crossed it all works out.

He certainly didn't look particularly traumatised as we left him.

The campsite is transformed as the trees are now all fully covered with leaves.

There's a cacophony of bird song particularly in the mornings.

The one draw back is the van tent and car are covered in tree sap and bird droppings but it seems a little churlish to complain.

Tomorrow we are picking Gordon up and him and I are walking the 10 miles or so back. Rae returns to site so she can prepare for the trip home and visit the hairdresser.

The rhododendrons are starting to come through at the local park and we are looking forward too seeing them in there full splendour.

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