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Slow day.

Foot is getting better so we decided to set of for Cowdenbeath so Rae could go swimming. The local baths are shut for a month. We haven't been to the town previously so it was something to have a look at. Spoliler it wasn't worth the effort and we drove straight through it.

However luckily we had followed the signs for a country park prior to getting to the town. Yet another beautiful park.

With random alpacas and on a former colliery.

We walked together initially until we came to the lake.

I found a bench in the sunshine whilst Rae and the dog walked the 3.5 mile circumference of the lake.

No rain and intermittent sun so one of the best days for a long while.

Lots of water sports taking place, great playgrounds and a magical fairy wood make this yet another ideal place for families to spend a day.

An additional bonus is that they allow campers overnight. When my foot is healed we will return. There are many walks of up to 15 miles that start and end here. It's great to find somewhere with walking alongside toilets and cafes that is not a campsite. Plus it's a 1/4 of the price of an official campground.

Tomorrow is set fair again and I will once again be taking it easy as Thursday is our first fringe day.

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