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Somethings words can’t describe and pictures don’t do it justice!

We set off after a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. The very nice gentleman in the hostel took pity on us and upgraded us to deluxe. The new room had heating and no damp. So win win.

Off out into sub Sahara and our hopes were raised by the sign above.

We weren't disappointed.

We passed a couple of true nomad encampments.

I guess these belong to them? It would be nice to think they are wild but probably not. We were informed yesterday that you can't eat camels in the summer as the meat is to tough due to poor hydration. This was from a camel herder something for you carnivores to bear in mind😳

The road stretched as far as you could see in both directions and for long periods of time we saw no vehicle and no sign of human habitation. A true wilderness indeed.

The terrain switched from flat to hilly

With the road starting to curve slightly

The mountains carved by wind and the occasional rain.

Every now and then an oasis would appear some without human habitation evident.

Houses appeared in greater numbers as we progressed. Some like these clinging on to sides of cliffs. Unfortunately the original road through the mountains was closed due to land slides . Which meant another hour and a half additional.

The road was not a motorway!! But again we hardly saw another car. We picked up a Berber gentleman who spoke no English but seemed grateful for the lift.

As we broached the summit we still were 30 or so miles from our destination.

It was a great drive and the town we are in now is surrounded by huge mountains. The biggest surprise is that the drive we have just undergone was not mentioned in the Lonely Planet or Rough guide. It is by far the best drive we've done in Morocco including the snow.

There's no way can i capture what it was like the sheer scale and the wilderness with a real sense of jeopardy is something I was not expecting and I guess it made it all the more incredible.

a couple of bounus shots an an attempt at a video 🫣

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