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Sometimes you can make lemonade when life gives you a lemon! Plus migration begins!

The wind was exceptional last night and as we were on an exposed headland we bore the brunt of the wind and the rain. The morning was grey wet and cold.

We had planned to head off for a costal walk that had been recommended by the tourist information Center and decided to carry on regardless of the weather. When we arrived at the lighthouse it was blowing a gale and raining. Gordon refused to come out so we geared up and set off.

As we walked the weather gradually improved until blue skies and sunshine were the perfect conditions for such a beautiful walk.

We walked back inland and stumbled across the devils throat.

With a small waterfall cascading over the edge.

Rae looking impressed

Past a Broch

And back to the van.

We then set off to look a the Durdle Door equivalent

At this point the handbrake cable broke!! We contacted the AA nothing they could do. Every garage on Shetland closed. Initially the ferry company said we could not travel without a handbrake. Luckily we decided to go in person and we’re able to negotiate. The van could go and would be chocked and tied down.

We managed to contact a garage in Aberdeen with 5 minutes to spare and we are boo in first thing tomorrow morning.

Whilst we were trying to sort this all out we went for a walk along the harbour.

We could not believe our luck as we were accompanied by an otter for about 20 minutes. So happy as this was the one thing we had been desperate to see. Without the disaster of handbrake we would never have been in the right place at the right time. Happy with the trade off!

As you can see the weather continued to improve.

On board at 6 setting sail at 7 arriving in Aberdeen at 7.30 van booked in at 8.30.

We loved Shetland and will hopefully return in the spring at some point to see the puffins and othe nesting colonies.

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