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Spring to autumn palm trees and unplanned walks .

A complete contrast from yesterday dull overcast with early morning rain. Mooching about in the morning the height of excitement was fixing the electric flush in Luther. Handy hint if it doesn’t work wack it!

We headed off to Plockton with the promise of palm trees and beaches. Neither were overwhelming! However the views were worth the journey. We also pretty much had the place to ourselves. A rare treat and shortly will not be the case.

We saw a sign that said route to castle so decided to head that way.

Passed an open air church

Yep that’s it, they obviously take the church thing seriously up here.

We followed the path for about 3 miles alongside the railway and the Loch

Past some very strange woods

Old derelict houses

Only to arrive at the castle to find it was a reasonably new B&B you to can stay here from £ 250 a night!

A view from the other side.

Well worth the walk and it will be good to return when the sun is out and the pubs are open😎🌈.

If you look closely you may be able to see a heron🤷‍♀️.

Weather due to improve as we head towards the grand opening on the 26th.

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Apr 18, 2021

Yes, in my experience hotels in Scotland are expensive.

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