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Starting to pack up.

We are starting the process of packing and sorting out what goes where and in what vehicle. When I say we I mean Rae is and I’m being directed mainly to keep out the way.

When we arrived in Scotland we had the van and a trailer on top of the trailer we had bike racks which transported our two bicycles. Since then we have sold the trailer and bought a caravan instead, unfortunately we are unable to tow both a trailer and a caravan at the same time. As it is the van caravan combo is going to be very long and unwieldy to tow but hopefully we will be able to navigate this. Fortunately the van is a crew cab which means that we have in effect a large storage area to transport stuff. This is where the bikes are locate.We are going to pack and move in stages. The first stage is moving from here to the Shetland Islands and then returning to pick up the caravan.

The rain paused and we dashed out for a walk that takes us around the campsite approximately 3 to 4 miles. There is a walk that has been a favourite of ours and it’s a very beautiful circuit. It’s likely that this will be the last time that we will take this route and again it is a process of saying goodbye to the things that we have loved and enjoyed whilst being up here.

Past some pink footed geese stocking up prior to leaving for pastures new.

Past our first sight of 2 magnificent stags locking horns.

Up into the woods where fungi are blossoming

Crossing over the river that runs past our site and out into the loch the river is currently in full spate.

Then back up through the Glen that looks out over our site onwards to the Loch.

Past some half Painted cows

Before returning to camp. It’s a strange time and mixed feelings as we start to say goodbye too what has been our home for the last 8 months or so. Off tomorrow hopefully the weather will be a little better and we can continue to prepare for the trip north before heading south in 2 weeks!

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