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Starting to say goodbye

The tent packing saga spilled over into today. Rae felt we needed to unpack it and lay it out again to dry it out. There then ensued another 2 hours trying to repack it but it is packed and if we ever brave it again hopefully we are wiser. If anyone wants to borrow an inflatable 4 man tent give us a shout. In fairness it's a great tent for 4 people and very easy to set up and now we can advise not so bad to pack away!

After tent drama we decided to pop into Glenrothes and walk around the park. This is right in the center of the town and it was a beautiful late afternoon with unadulterated sunshine.

The walk is circular and about 6 miles in duration. If this was Southampton Common it would have been heaving. We saw about 4 people.

We are off tomorrow for up to 4 weeks depending on how it goes. So we are starting to visit our favourite places as we prepare to leave. We will probably back for a couple of weeks at least before we head south.

We have applied for seasonal pitches for next year a couple of sites in Scotland a little further north and north west. There maybe a midge problem in one of them so if so we will return in peak midge months if it becomes unbearable!

Not many parks have a public orchard, with various fruits to pick as desired. We tried an apple today a tad premature but a beautiful concept.

Tomorrow we are at the mechanics to get the tracking sorted before we head towards Berwick and hopefully a spot by the sea. Free camping is the hope. We have decided not to plan ahead and let the wind blow us the way it will!

We are both excited about the road trip and are fortunate to have a fall back position if it doesn't work out !

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