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Staying local

It rained all day but was a little lighter in the morning so we took a circular walk around where we are staying.

The village where we are living is called Markinch and it used to be to capital of the Kingdom of Fyfe. There's a cross called the Stub which was from the 2nd century and the graveyard above was the meeting place for the town.

We walked up the adjacent hill.

The views as always were great despite the weather. Initially Gordon was happy with the temperature but this pleasure dissipated once the rain set in.

Despite the rain it was a nice walk and underlines how lucky we were to find this place. Scotland is a great place to be and we continue to enjoy our time in Fyfe.

The rain set in for the day so we did a bit of gym work and battened down the hatches.

Tomorrow is looking better so we will jump on the train for a walk .

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