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Still no car

Still no word on the car. It failed on omissions so they have tweaked it a bit and are resubmitting it. Communication isn't there strong point. We've been down to the car on a couple of occasions to get stuff out and reminding them that we are still here.

The weather deteriorated very quickly and what was supposed to be the best day for a while certainly didn't turn out that way.

We walked around a new route locally down by the river.

Surprisingly nice path

That led to an old industrial and subsequent landfill site that has been transformed into a wild flower meadow. It afforded great views over to the local castle.

Currently closed to the public as the elderly laird is not in good health. They will reopen it when there's a resolution to his illness.

A surprisingly nice walk and we made the most of a day that conspired against us.

Returned to the site had some lunch before heading off on our bikes to swim at the local leisure centre.

We left dog in the van and took the bikes with his trailer attached so we could get some shopping on the way home.

No idea what we will be doing tomorrow as weather's unpredictable and so is getting the car back.

Not bad for an old landfill site 😎.

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