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Stirling job

The morning wasn't too bad but heavy rain was expected.With this in mind we decided to drive the 30 odd miles to Stirling the ancient capital of Scotland.

We were seen off site by the gatekeeper.

The drive over was beautiful with high hill's which we found out is the start of the Trussocks one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland.

Stirling itself was a lot bigger than we expected. We had lunch and then wandered up through the old town towards the castle.

The castle was heaving and expensive so we decided on this occasion to give it a miss. The views were great.

The castle rivals Edinburgh for its magnificent architecture and grandeur. We came down from the hill via the cemetery.

A memorial to an 18 year old girl who was drowned in the river because she would not change her religious beliefs. It's now a monument to all those who have been persecuted for their faith.

The cathedral is the only one outside Westminster that a king of England has been crowned. James 6th?

We then decided to grab the dog and set off for the William Wallace monument. Celebrating Mel Gibsons cinematic triumph 🙄. And Scotland winning something 🫠

It has 250 odd steps inside but they wanted to charge us for the privilege. Decided against that as well. We may return when we have a little more time to look at both castle and this.

The views were great without climbing up the monument.

In the distance on the other mound is Stirling casting.

On the way up the hill towards the monument there were some carvings and a trail for the kids.

There are now yellow warning ⚠️ in place for rain for tonight and tomorrow so have no idea what we will be doing tomorrow at this stage.

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