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Storm passes us by!

We had expected the worse and were pleasantly surprised. It did rain heavily at times and there was plenty of evidence locally that it was a lot of water about but we seemed to have missed the worst of the wind.

The stream that runs through Totton was full to bursting. Usually there's just enough to cover the bottom.

We started to load the van in preparation for the journey through Europe.

The recent modifications have worked well and the van has remained waterproof so we are a couple of points ahead.

We managed to clear all the garden waste in 2 tip runs. We had to book and negotiate times even though we were the only people there on both occasions.

Evening spent looking after grandchildren and providing transport to gym.

Tomorrow we are meeting a couple of friends in Southampton and old colleagues and friends in the evening.

I believe the worst of the storm is behind us for a while at least.

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