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Summer is coming!

One of the differences living up here brings you is that you can see the weather arriving and so have time to prepare. Whether it’s the rain, snow, wind or on the rare occasion such as today the sun. Today is the summer solstice and the sun came out to celebrate. We have almost continuous light throughout and I haven’t stayed awake long enough or awoken early enough to see any night!

We have a couple on site who are heading out to the mountains to sit and celebrate the solstice. Eminently more sensible in my opinion than dancing around a few fallen down stones in Wiltshire! The nights remain a little chilly which is nice when you’re living in a tin box with all windows hermitically sealed to keep the midges out. We are now up to level 4 out of 5 for midges. I’ve yet to be bitten,Rae on the other hand……

General duties plus mowing and the weekly treat of emptying the dog poo bins. Still no idea why these need to be locked!

We are revelling in the weather disparity in our favour for a change!

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Off to Fort William tomorrow for a couple of nights in search of a pub to watch the football. Apparently there’s only 40 days a year when you can see anything from the top. Tomorrow is not one of those. So we have decided to wait for a cloud free day set of early to travel to 1.5 hours and jog up and down🤓

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