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Sun sand sea seal 🦭

We took a gamble that definitely paid off. We packed the waterproofs and set off for the largest forest in Fyfe Tentsmuir,not difficult thing as the one thing they are lacking in Scotland is forests and the ones they do have are basically all pine. Apparently it's called Tentsmuir as historically a lot of people back in the Middle Ages used to live in tents here. Translated it means more tents.

The bonus was that it lies adjacent to a beautiful beach. And no rain!!!

As far as the eye could see in both directions open and barely another person in sight. The further we walked the less people there were. One fella we did see used to work on the North Sea Oil Rigs and was able to tell us that the one we saw being towed out to sea was a moveable one with the legs descending to the sea floor.

I had no idea that they could be moved around like that.

The tide was going out as we walked and we we're hopeful that we may to get to see some seals resting. We saw a few heads bobbing up and down watching us and deciding to stay away.

Then in the distance a sandy promontory we thought we saw some.

Decided to sit and watch whilst having a picnic and noticed a strange log close by.

And on closer inspection

We had lunch together and then went our separate ways. We carried on around the headland before coming back through the forest.

They were harvesting and it always looks so brutal. Passed through the destruction and into the so far untouched forest. Unfortunately not a red squirrel in sight. Apparently they do inhabit the area.

It was approximately a 10 mile walk and was a beautiful beach walk with seals and the possibility of Dolphins and sea eagles. We will definitely come back and as the weather improves it will be a great place to while away the long summer days!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day. The man on the beach informed us that on Sundays you can walk around St Andrews golf course as it's closed to golfers so we may give that a go!

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