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Sunny Dunny

An unexpected bonus day. It was supposed to be considerably cooler than recent days. It was a few degrees off the scorchers we have had recently. But it made for pleasant walking. We started off on the coastal path and walked into Dunbar.

Had a walk around the old harbour which is divided down the middle working boats on the left leisure craft to the right. We looked around the old battery. Before heading off to the adjacent harbour which I believe was the original one?

We turned inland looking for some woods to give the dog a bit if respite from the sun. They turned out to a community woodland sandwiched between new housing developments. Dog enjoyed the respite from the sun otherwise a little disappointing.

Walked past the football stadium. Dunbar is a semi professional football club In the equivalent of our non league.

Back once more on the cliff top walk. The photo doesn't do it justice but it was swarming with bees and butterflies. Neither of us have seen so many butterflies in one place for years.,

When we got back the tide was in and it explains why it's called the bridge to nowhere.

In other news I was trying to sort out the parking ticket which I successfully completed at 8.51. It's £2.50 for all day. I spoke to tge parking attendant who told me he was off on holiday. Didn't mention he had just slapped a£100 parking ticket on the front window. The time of the parking ticket 8.50.

I've appealed it as I took a screenshot stating that it wasn't within it's charging period. Not holding my breath but worth ago!

Moving to the recreation center carpark for tonight. So we can grab a swim and a shower. Heading off early tomorrow for St Abbs tomorrow for more coastal walking.

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