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Sunny Seville!

Today was supposed to be a little overcast and the worst day of our stay . We decided to follow a walking trail around the historical monuments. This would enable us to orinatate ourselves and come up with a schedule for the following days.

Down wide boulevards.

Gothic cathedrals

Dodging the guy's attempt to get us into the horse and carriage. Then palaces.

With the most ornate fences I've ever seen.

Fountains around every corner. It was a beautiful afternoon and we had to remind ourselves how lucky we were and simulate rain to remind us of home.

We manage to get the hang of the bike hire system similar to the Boris Bikes. A bike ride along the river.

Past a few scrawny trees.

The cycle paths are brilliant well marked and a delight to cycle along.

Seville has blown us away its stunning cobbled streets and history and grandeur around every corner.

We are glad we decided to stop here for a bit and are looking forward to exploring further.

Hearing how cold it is at home makes the sunshine and warmth here all the more delightful.

This is our current apartment. It's tiny but bang smack in the middle of the city. The bedroom is so small that we have to crawl into bed and every time we turn over we hit our heads on the ceiling. No bed jus a mattress on the floor! Oh how we suffer.

Tomorrow more exploring in more sunshine ☀️.

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