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We made good time and arrived at the festival at about 14.00. A little bit of rain on the way down but beautiful blue skies when we got here. A little windy but beautiful views across the Cumbrian countryside out to the coast.

Today is a preview day the official opening is tomorrow. You pay a little extra to get here a day before. It allows you to set up have a look at the site before the crowds arrive.

We had a fighter jet pass overhead probably on exercise rather than a welcome to England. It's nice to have a bit of sunshine and we will make the most of it.

The signal is very iffy so I will probably have to upload the pictures when we return to civilisation.

It seems so far to be a more family oriented festival than others we have attended.

It probably has something to do with this being a bank holiday in England ( not Scotland). Also the last weekend before school!

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