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Sunshine and culture

Another beautiful day not a cloud in the sky so we walked over the river to the modern art museum. They charged us a pound to get in and it was housed in an old monastery.

We were pretty much on our own and like all modern art parts were interesting and others were baffling.

This looked a bit precarious and there's big signs everywhere begging people not to touch.

The monasterie was a center for ceramics. The outside was impressive.

There were some old tombs couldn't work out how they managed to get a threesome into the afterlife 🤷‍♀️.

A little surprise on the way out.

We then jumped on a couple of bikes and rode through the university and out into a large park. Hidden st the back of the park was this monument to Christopher Columbus. Built in Russia and transported by land and sea. Strangely hidden from sight.

The bikes are a great way too get around and have opened up much more of Seville for us.

Managed to find Rae in the park!

We've booked the next stage of our trip starting Sunday. We leave Seville at 9.00 in the morning and arrive in Morocco at 4.30 after a 2 hour ferry.

Strangely the ferry port is some distance from the city but we have to figure that out when we get there I guess.

Tomorrow we are hoping to visit the royal palace during the day.

During our bike ride we ventured out of the tourist area into the real Seville and it looked interesting so we may pop over tomorrow night to have a look around.

Below is the park we rode through its massive and right in the center of the city and barely anyone there apart from us! If that was back home on a day like today it would be heaving!

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