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Sunshine and recovery!

A beautiful day of sunshine with little or no wind. The weather in and around the highlands is for once better than down south. The day was routine around site.I took out a load of brambles that had sprouted following the recent rain. They had started to encroach on to the pitches and make it difficult for people to reach the electricity bollards. They are the bane of our life and no matter what protective clothing you wear they manage to penetrate your defences.

Midges surprisingly are still not a major problem for us yet! Otherwise a routine day. Rae seems to be developing a cold or a reaction to the local flora. We are working tomorrow and half day Tuesday before heading off for a couple of days in Elgin. No idea what’s there but it has a Weatherspoons so has to be a reasonable size. We are hoping to grab a distillery tour whilst we are there. Genuinely don’t understand the whole whiskey thing it just tastes like bad mouthwash to me🤷‍♀️. So hopefully I will be educated into the fine art of supping a wee dram.

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