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Surfs up

A beautiful day of solid sunshine and a fresh breeze. Temperatures in the high 70s. Leisurely morning before we set off in the opposite direction along the less accessible coast line.

It was much less commercial than the bay but as a consequence fewer people which is always a bonus.

As we walked we noticed some surfers in the distance.

Apparently there's a big surfing competition in a couple of days. We sat and watched for a bit. Very impressive and no doubt a far higher standard than I've seen before.

Managed to grab a couple of shots as always doesn't do it justice. It's a impressive skill and you know when you're watching the top athletes when they make it look easy.

I had a friend accompany me for a while. I'm sure they pick on the people who don't like them.

Carried on walking up to the headland great views.

Headed back for lunch on the seafront

Had lunch and spent the afternoon sitting on the beach watching the waves and reading.

I think with a little effort and practice I could get used to his life of leisure.

Tomorrow we may take a drive down the coast to explore some bananas plantations .

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