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The weather had improved so off we set on the bikes with a vague direction in mind. We followed the cycle route towards St Andrews. It was all B roads and hardly a car on route.

Some great views along the way and any car we did come across was easily heard in plenty of time.

Gordon was ensconced in his chariot and seemed happy with the comfort.

We were happily following the route when we came across a National Trust property. Luckily we had our cards with us so in we went! .

It was one of the newest NT property gifted by the last surviving family member in the late 40s shortly before she died of cancer. It was then leased to McMillan as a hospice before the NT took control of it 20 years ago. It was built in the 1900s after the previous house was demolished. The fascinating thing was that the guy who built it had everything room designed to fit his art collection. Its exactly how the family left it when she died . When it was leased as a hospice it was under the condition that it would be kept exactly as it was given.

It was a treasure trove of the weird, beautiful and exotic. Definitely a surprise and definitely worth a visit. We had a little walk around the grounds but there is more to explore. There's a golf course attached which is the only hickory wood club golf course in the UK there are 2 in the states. I believe that's the original clubs. You can still play the course should you wish to £45 for the 9 hole course. Originally designed by the house owner for his private use.

An enjoyable ride home. Foxes rabbits and oh dear.

We are off out for a pub meal and then back to base.

Someone is enjoying our BIRD table!!

Rain for a change for the foreseeable. But it appears to have a micro climate around us something to do with the hills apparently 🤷‍♂️.

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