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Survived and new friends.

It was a fun and successful festival. It seemed a lot more friendly than the ones we usually go to down south. It was a predominantly Scottish audience with the odd Cumbrian thrown in for good measure.

We will probably stay in touch with the ladies next door to us .Mum was a ball off madness but in an outgoing and sparkly way. She spent the festival in a bikini and genuinely didn't care what others thought. It's rare to find someone so body confident.

The lads opposite were party boys and we rarely saw them with out a bottle of buckfast in there hand. In fairness to them they were funny polite and not a problem. One of them was proudly supporting an ankle tag.

The night was great with a couple of unexpected gems of bands which always makes the festival worthwhile.

It's a tough job closing a festival especially after 4 hot days but these guys did a great job.

Unfortunately one person died yesterday but not from anything untoward. Apparently he was 49 and a performer so we had air ambulance and paramedics but unfortunately he was dead on the scene.

The only downside was the midges that irritated but didn't bite, and the cretins next to us who decided to turn on the sound system at 4 in the morning blasting out hardcore jungle music. They had all payed for there tickets at spent the whole festival sat in the tent taking copious amounts of chemicals. One of them had spent all day Thursday discussing how paranoid he was , go figure!!!

by the fire before returning to the van.

Easy start no real rain and not a thunderstorm in sight.

The drive back was unaventful and Gordon was very pleased to see us.

Post festival cleanup ,showers and laundry. Tomorrow its very hot so we will have to factor in Gordon's needs .

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