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Swimming and walking

We had decided to give swimming ago the last time we swam was about 3 years ago following adult swimming lessons. To be honest I was a little rusty but managed to stay afloat. The result was that we have both signed up for gym and swim membership. God help us.

Believe it or not Rae was frightened of the Rod Stewart impersonator featured above!

Following swimming with rain apparently in the past we decided to go on a walk around 3 local reservoirs .

Ad you can see not raining but very foggy. The joy is each time we venture out on these moors they are different, weather dependent.

The last time we were here it was brilliant sunshine and the escarpment and hills gave a great backdrop for the walk. Today the fog gave it a brooding atmosphere.

This was mid afternoon but the wind was up and occasionally a gap in the clouds afforded us a better view.

8 miles walking and swimming left us tired but happy. Not been to a gym for some years so that may be the making or the ending of me. Tomorrow coronation in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon!

We have decided not to go and see Raith Rovers after discovering that the stadium seats 8.5 thousand and attendance hovers around 2k.

So probably not an experience like Seville!

The great beauty is that all of this is about 10 minutes from base camp. The contrast between Glenrothes and this in such a short distance is incredible! Sums up the space that is Scotland.

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