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Take 2

Another day of sunshine and heavy showers. We had caught the 10 o'clock bus back last night. Which meant we had arrived back on site at about 11. The rain was pretty consistent all night and into the morning.

We had left the car at the seashore so we had to make the journey in reverse catching the bus for the 30 minute journey.

Rained heavily on the way but fortunately cleared when we arrived.

Strolled along the beach for a while. Before circling back to the festival. Not as busy as yesterday. We stayed for a short while and made our way through the little fairground to the car.

It was a very small but a beautiful setting. As always with these things the weather plays a key role in the experience.

The weather remains unsettled for the next few days. Foot seems to getting better every day. I will try to find a flattish walk to test it out.

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