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Taking a breath

We were picked up from the service station at 12.30 and arrived at the next drop off In Glasgow at 3.30. Grabbed a couple of hours sleep before a call woke us at 8.00. Gordon was locked in the cab of our van much to his surprise. We then got dropped at the campsite at about 10.00.

In total from leaving Eastleigh at 7.30 it had taken us close on 28 hours to get back up here. On the plus side all three of our drivers were really pleasant and interesting people, we saved a bit of money on diesel and didn't have to drive. On the other hand it's looking like a very expensive mechanic bill.

We caught up on sleep before heading out for a gentle stroll around the local park.

Every now again one catches oneself getting excited about something that you probably wouldn't have noticed when young and it makes you feel old.

But they are beautiful

And it's not just me the bees seem to be very impressed.

They are all starting to come into bloom and there are a great variety from all over the world.

Although it was a scary and expensive episode it was made bearable by the people we met and the fact that whist we waited we had warmth, tv and bed. It would have been a completely different experience if we had been in a car.

Tomorrow the Highland Games come to the village and we can walk to it in 5 minutes. Looking forward too it as it will be interesting. Plus they have a bag pipe competition so we may have to fortify ourselves with some liquid courage befand during attendance 😎

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