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Taking a chance!

After Spanish lessons it was a debate as the wether we should take a chance and go for a walk or sit the rain out at base camp. We decided to take a chance and set off towards the coast.

A familiar walk with a slight diversion.

As it turned out the diversion added approximately 3 miles to the journey. So instead of 8 miles it ended up being closer to 12.

It was an interesting walk with farmland.

Followed by a walk into woodlands and a river running through the valley.

Eventually spitting us out on the coast.

We by and large missed the worst of the rain. We saw storm clouds and heavy rains in the distance but it didn't catch up with us.

Tomorrow the weather is a little better so we may start painting the van . We are using hammerite to try and cover some of the peeling paint. Not sure how that will work. I used it on a previous car and it appeared to hold it together 🤷‍♂️

We are waiting for the bus that hopefully will accommodate Gordon

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