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Taking it easy

The industrial site is very quiet as it's the long weekend. It's actually a nice place to be for a change.The weather was mostly sunny but did get a bit chilly when the sun went behind the clouds. We walked in and around Totton visited family to drop off Easter eggs.

That's a picture by the tide milll at Eiling close to where the grandkids live.

Spent some time relaxing on the grass verge by tge van . This is something of a luxury as it would not be an enjoyable experience if the industrial site was in full swing.

Although it feels like we haven't achieved too much today we have still managed to walk the best part of 8 miles.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with the grandkids and are hoping to spend the day by the river Avon nears Downtown in the Forest. Weather permitting. I believe so far things are looking promising.

The short cut to home !

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