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Taking stock

The day was spent doing washing catching up on administrative duties. It was a day of clouds and sunshine when the sun was out it was like a summers day but there was definitely a chill in the air. Nights are getting colder and may prove a challenge when we are off grid. We do have some heating in the van but not household standard.

We also bought some film for the van windows. The idea is that it stops people seeing into the cab and hopefully makes it less attractive to passing car thieves.

We had a good day out in Bognor yesterday. We are both adjusting to the van life. Some days are better than others but the plan is to take one day at a time and not to worry about the months ahead. We continue to work through the stuff we have with us trying to reduce the weight in the van which in turn increases the efficiency and thereby reduces diesel costs.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lewes to look at doing more of the walk. Debating wether to reduce daily mileage as Gordon appears to be struggling a little at times. Having said tha the days rest appears to have done him some good. He had a spring in his step this evening when we took him out. .

I think a rest day is what we all needed. Looks like a very stormy day Friday so that should prove interesting.!

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