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That didn’t go as expected!

We set off in good spirits towards Queensferry which is on the Edinburgh side of the forth bridges and is where the iconic railway bridge hits land.

It's a stunning bit of architecture and one of 3 bridges in a row. The motorway bridge replaced the old road bridge which is now a cycle and walking path.

After viewing it from every angle we returned to the van to discover that we had sprung a fuel leak. Contacted the AA (again) and they were surprisingly quick coming out. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do. Fortunately he said that it would be ok to limp back to site. It only leaks when the engine is on as it's a leaky fuel filter. So we headed back but stopped for the night on the way by the beach.

Took a stroll along the shore before heading up the cliff.

A surprisingly nice walk through some ancient woods which is a bit of a rarity this side of the border.

That's the view from the cliff tops down onto the van. We can stay here for 2 nights and it's free of charge.

There have been yellow warnings for heavy rain and lightning. So far we haven't been affected badly. We are hoping to witness the storm from the comfort of the front cab of the van.

Currently raining but not too bad. We are sat out under the awning with rain pattering on the roof with a great view out across the bay!

Tomorrow supposed to be a lot nicer with sunshine most of the day. If so we may remain here before we start to leapfrog our way back. Wedding anniversary on Tuesday 15 years, been together 22😱. Poor old Rae!

Oh and yet another castle close by!

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