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That end of term feeling.

It’s definitely starting to wind down and we are beginning to reminisce and plan for the future. Very much like the end of term when you leave one school and go on to the next. We shall miss lots of things from the highlands but we are looking forward to making new friends and new experiences but closer to home. The weather has been erratic all day with torrential rain and interspersed with bright sunshine. Last night it rained continuously and as always living in a tin box brings you much closer to the sounds and feelings of wind and rain.

The day was governed by the weather. Routine tasks were carried out as per usual and we managed to get out and do a bit of lumberjacking.

At one point the trailer was precariously balanced but I managed to get all the branches to the requisite place.

Tomorrow we head off early towards Fort William . The petrol crisis has finally reached Scotland unfortunately. There were reports of long queues and of course the requisite panic buying. The weather does not look too promising. The campsite we are going to is situated right on the lock edge and therefore will be exposed to the vagaries of the weather.

The walk into Fort William is about 13 miles and we are debating whether to risk it as the weather looks pretty awful. Fort William itself is a desolate bleak town with very little to recommend it other than a few mediocre pubs. It is however set in beautiful surroundings.

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