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That’ll do pig

A beautiful day for us humans but a struggle for our doggie friends. Luckily we had found a woodland walk which had the additional benefit of having a resident pig. We have had several intimate encounters with her. When you shout PIG she comes running grunting and snuffling wanting a scratch behind the ears and a wee chat!

Last night we had stumbled across this tragic sight. We spent a while trying to guess what it was. The best guess was Minke whale..

This was confirmed this morning. Strangely it had been there a while yet had been left alone by seagulls and other carion eaters.

Apparently there's a dead dolphin the other way but not going to try and find that!!

We left Rae here as she could get enough internet coverage to connect for her Spanish lesson.

Gordon and I headed off through the woods intending on finding a circular route and meeting Rae back at the van.

Instead I stumbled across this beautiful place a social enterprise charity for people with learning disabilities. So we arranged to meet up here for coffee and a great lunch.

Fortunately or unfortunately there was a distillery nearby so we booked a tour. Never liked whiskey don't get it , but hadn't done s tour so thought why not?

Interesting and surprisingly technical but in the end still horrible.

For anyone interested it's all about the barrels they are either bourbon or sherry oak barrels and the whisky has to be in these barrels for at least 3 years and a day. When it goes in it's white and it's the barrels that turn it brown. The longer it's in the barrel the more is lost via evaporation and it can loose up to % 50 over the years which is why the older it is the more it costs.

Still not a fan even after tasting old ones. It tasted no different to the original white stuff to me!

We walked back along the beach the water unsurprisingly was bloody freezing. It is the North Sea after alll.

Rae doned her west suit and braved it briefly. Gordon and I spectated.

Another glorious day tomorrow. We willl stay here until late afternoon before we head back to site. It's going to be a little colder tomorrow with rain in the offing over the next few days.

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