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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Gordon's nemesis!

Having been slapped on the backside a couple of times by the cat Gordon was horrified to be left home alone as we convoyed from my sisters up to the sustainability centre where the burial was to take place.

It was a beautiful clear crisp day.

We initially gathered around an open fire in an outside shelter where a humanist service took place. It was a joyous occasion. Myself my son, nephew, and son in law carried the wicker coffin on to a wheelbarrow and walked a half a mile or so downhill to the burial site. We then lowered the coffin into the ground. People then dropped flowers and or earth on the coffin as they said there own personal goodbyes. Meanwhile a loan saxophonist played. It was by far the nicest most apt funeral I have ever attended. The setting is sublime on a banked woodland on the slopes of the South Downs National park.

That's a picture of my sister and John at there civil partnership ceremony last year 🥰.

We stayed for a while but had to make our excuses as we had to sort out our house that we are renting as the boiler had chosen today of all days to pack up!! We've contacted the plumbers and supplied them with some electric heaters. Hopefully as they have a very young baby they will be a priority!

We then headed west back towards Weymouth and a little further to our van.

A beautiful sunset and a very snuggly van as all the heating appears to be working as it should.

We've just been given one of those little plug heaters so we are giving that a whirl to see if that helps.

Tomorrow it's looking like a cold but clear day so a walk of some sorts is definitely on the cards!

Thats the Abbotsbury chapel silhouetted on the hill which we maybe passing on our walk tomorrow!

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