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Take two . We took the bull by the horns jumped in the car and headed for a place a little North of Perth known as the Hermitage . Someone had recommended we visit a few months back. As we were looking for a sheltered walk it seemed to fit the bill.

We certainly weren't disappointed.

The initial waterfalls were very close to the car and were very obviously a major tourist attraction.

There was great places to grab a view and the further we walked the less people there were.

We followed the signs to the Rumbling bridge so called because as you stood on it the river runs under it it rumbles and as it was a bit of a hike we had the second set of waterfalls to ourselves.

We stopped for lunch and it was beautiful with the sound of the rapids as background music,

We then took off up the hills following the mountain bike trails. I genuinely don't know how people can navigate the tracks on a bike at times I was sliding down on my arse.

The views from the top were stunning and well worth the climb. Perth claims to be the gateway to the Highlands and it's hard to argue.

The descent was at times perilous and we had our ears on high alert in case of cyclists!

At the bottom we followed a storm drain to the banks of the river Tay. The same river we had a picnic at yesterday!

The river is beautiful and surprisingly shallow. Fly fishers were out doing their thing.

We passed a field with a horse and his companion. It was obviously very tame as the lady was out in the field and it didn't bay an eye. They wandered round the field together and seemed inseparable,

It is a stag.

Back through another storm drain and back to the car. 10 miles of a varied walking. Definitely worth a visit and would not hesitate to recommend and return.

As it turned out the sun didn't come out until we were leaving but worth the effort.

Tomorrow hopefully we are getting the van fixed. We will wait and see how that goes.

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