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The bridge to nowhere

Free camping isn't all unicorns and butterflies. The plus side is that you get to stay in some beautiful places.

Today we moved from the beach at Berwick and ended up by the bridge to nowhere.

It's a very famous landmark around Dunbar.

The downside is that there can be a fair walk to the toilets. This morning it was about 2 miles. Although the journey wasn't too arduous.

That's the other bay in Berwick.

Another issue is water and this can be tricky. The best place to get water is a graveyard. As they have water for the flowers left on the graves. In Berwick we had one of these.

The other problems are shower's which can be solved by attending a leisure centre. Most problematic is emptying the toilet. Luckily our toilet is strictly no solids but still it's not easy to find places to do this. lastly it's power luckily we have 2 leisure batteries and a decent solar panel. We also have gas cooking, heating and refrigeration. Of course all of this is made easier by the occasional use of a caravan site. This costs between £25 -40 per night. So you pay your money and make your choice.

The place we are staying is great with long beach walks.

Coming back through the country park with some Scottish fauna.

After we came back to the van we dropped Gordon off at the van and walked into Dunbar.

Firstly past a couple of Curlews.

Then past a breeding colony of seals. The pups are born this time of year. They think it's because the mum has had a chance to fatten up during the summer and it enables her too have reserves to feed her pup.

Dunbar itself is a little underwhelming but pleasant enough. The highlight is the harbour.

The rainstorms didn't occur and it's been another beautiful day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunshine all day. We will probably move a little further down the coast. But we may just chill here.

Great views, walks and a toilet run of 50 meters 😎

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