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The circle of life and improving weather!

We arrived at work this morning to find the 2 blue tit chicks we thought we had saved proving us wrong! A shame but the whole nature thing up here is raw and visceral. We’ve seen so much life and indeed death since we’ve been up in the highlands . As previously mentioned it’s rare for us to go out and not stumble across some new flora or fauna and or a corpse or two.

Day was spent mowing the vast expanse of grass that we have. It’s a never ending job but when newly cut it does brighten the place up! Rae continues to be a midge buffet! I’ve started to take bookings to hire her out for barbecues. All she has to do is sit there and keep the midges busy and off other people 🤓.

Weather improving although as I write there’s a brief spatter of rain. No wind so we are likely to be or should I say is likely to be fighting off the we beasties tonight!

Working tomorrow off on Saturday. The small matter of a football match tomorrow I’ve been practicing not looking smug or condescending as the natives may get a little restless!!

Which reminds me I must restock the fridge either suitable beverages!

A Siskin apparently 🤷‍♀️ The top picture I believe is young thrush?

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