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The day after the night before.

We had spent the early evening wandering around Inverness walking alongside and crossing the river ness that runs through the city.

Before we managed to find a pub that allowed dogs. We had to sit in the beer garden, randomly the only other people there were workmen from England, one of whom lived in Eastleigh.

As the evening progressed things became a little heated. We decided to try and relocate on the start of extra time. However we ended up watching the winning goal on the banks of the ness with 3 rather bemused Chinese students who happened to be watching the game on their phone. They seemed reasonably happy and joined in with our celebrations.

This morning for some inexplicable reason we woke with a headache and felt a little jaded. Big breakfast and then off to the train station for the journey homewards. The final is on Sunday so we need to decide on where and how to watch it.

The train journey took us past the Inverness starting point of the Caledonian canal we have now seen its start and it’s finish in Fort William. Crossing the county vis Loch Ness and connecting the east and west coast.

The weather for the trip home started out cloudy and overcast.

As the train meandered slowly through the changing landscape the weather gradually improved

The train journey is approximately 2.5 hours. The time to do the same journey by car is an hour quicker. It’s probably due to the windy route around the edge of loch and mountain. Back to work tomorrow and planning in progress for the match on Sunday.

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