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The day after the weekend before!

Scorching hot day with not a cloud in the sky. Gordon really suffers in the heat so our options when it's like today are rather limited. However we had post festival chores to complete so washing, washing up and shopping completed. For us now this counts as a busy day.

The van is parked in a shady part of the site which suits Gordon and I. However Rae has to spend the day chasing the sunny patches as they burst through the tree canopy.

When we did get out Gordon enjoyed the evening sunshine for a bit.

Even at this time it was short lived and we had to retreat to the river that runs through the local park woods.

The rhododendrons appear to have peaked but remain impressive in parts.

We took the path through the woods back to base camp.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today. We may try to take the van down to the coast that way we can leave Gordon in the shade whilst we swim and Rae sunbathes. I may walk down and Rae and Gordon can join me later when she has attended her appointment with the physiotherapist.

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