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The definition of madness!

The above picture was taken at approximately 11 o’clock last night with the moon peering over the mountains and through the valley next door. The deer continue to roar in the fields around us. It’s funny how I love to hear it where as it continues to annoy and disturb Rae.We went out last night to find deer and were treated to them echoing around the Glen as they shout at and challenge each other. One of the guys in the field next door Appears to have given up and just lies about in the field all day. We wonder whether he’s too old or too young.

Or simply that getting stabbed by your friends just to get friendly with the ladies really isn’t worth it. We woke up this morning the weather forecast was at best changeable. However we decided to set off to do the walk that we did when we first arrived. This was a walk that had quickly deteriorated into a survival exercise given the hostile weather conditions. It was a walk that taught us a lot about the conditions up here in the highlands and has been a blueprint for future excursions. However all the things that we thought we had learnt were forgotten as we trudged out in torrential rain. Gordon as always look totally unimpressed with our judgement and leadership skills.

As stated the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing and to expect a different result.

He was suitably reassured we decided to abandon the 14 mile walk and return to the van to plan the fallback position.

We strolled along the beach back towards the van and came across what appeared to be a very large jellyfish.

Gordon perked up when he decided that we really were going back to the van and he would once again be warm and dry.

Having returned the van we decided to head off approximately 9 miles along the coast to a café that we visited before with Bill. This is the longest dead-end road that we have been on. It finishes at the café. We had a lovely meal and decided then to walk along the coast braving the drizzle the mist and the strong winds.

Still not impressed and seriously doubting our judgement skills. However we persevered for an hour or so and were treated to some great views and splendid isolation.

To get here it’s quite a mammoth journey over hills mountains and down very difficult single track roads. However we left feeling a little sad as this is probably the last time that we will make this journey and this is a place that has been particularly special during our time up here. It’s a little enclave of beauty cut off from the outside world and has a sense of calm and otherworldly ness.

So to base and 4 days at work. The weather is not looking promising. We have started to think about the return journey and are going to visit Glen Coe on our next and possibly last days off next week.

We think we spotted our first snow on the mountains of Skye. The trees are starting to brown autumn is approaching!

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