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The good the bad and the excellent!

Woke up this morning to a beautiful morning and as I strolled along the loch shore adjacent to the campsite saw something in the water. It was a school of porpoises great excitement ensued with all the campsite joining in spotting them and the odd seal. I managed to grab a photo of them in the distance but unless you knew they were in the picture then you would not notice.

Anyhoo as the camera was out and we were fruitlessly snapping at porpoises above us this monster flew over.

A Hercules transport plane from RAF Lossiemouth on a training run along the loch and through the Glen. It was unlikely that we could improve on the start of the day but we somewhat optimistically headed off onto Skye to scale the old man of stor. The forecast was not too good. It should have looked like this

But despite a couple of false dawns.

As we headed up hill the clouds drew in with rain the visibility reduced drastically until we had no choice but to abort.

It’s a shame as we probably won’t be back on Skye before we head home via John O’groats.

However the drive to and from was pleasant and we returned to base in the wet and fog.

We did take a photo of the castle lit up on our way back from the pub last night.

A good night out and a very pleasant campsite.

Big announcement awaited our return. Next years placements have been announced and we are going to Brecon a mere 3 hours away from home and family! We will not be working the winter so will circulating around the campsites of the south living the dream. Lots of walking cycling and I will dust off the motorcycle to give more options transport wise!

Gordon can barely contain his excitement! Back to work tomorrow and the weather is set to improve 🌈😎

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