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The good the bad pain and one for the tooth fairy.

Today encapsulated the good and the bad of living up in the highlands. My toothache had become increasingly painful over the last week or so. In desperation I contacted the emergency dental hotline to find out the emergency dentist was on leave! They gave me a number for a dentist who maybe able to help.


No NHS appointments.


Mysteriously they had a private appointment 🤷‍♀️.

By this time pain was so great I accepted.


The dentist was on Sky and hour an half’s drive.


The journey to and from the dentist was magnificent.


A very kind and professional Dentist.


One less tooth.


This was the view from the dentist.

It speaks volumes for our time up here that I now view a 3 hour round journey to the dentist as a local trip. Once again the service and common human decency that one receives up here will stay with me for the rest of my life. Along with the majestic surroundings of course.

Whilst I was out galavanting around the Highlands and Islands.Rae with the sterling assistance of Judith and Simon worked incredibly hard on our accommodation. I will add pictures etc tomorrow when finally completed. The injections are starting to wear off so I may add sone liquid pain relief and resume tomorrow.🤓

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