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The Harr

Haar, or 'sea fret' as it is also known in North East England, is used to describe a cold fog that accumulates at sea, rather than on land.

We set off with our fingers crossed for the hour and a half's journey to North Berwick just the other side of Edinburgh in fact almost exactly opposite where we are staying across the Firth of Forth.

We found a place to park on the sea road just outside of town.

This is the view from our van.

As you can see it's quite a popular spot.

As we sat out the Harr started to roll in obscuring the view of the Island.

Below is the view towards the town which very quickly became lost in the Harr.

And there it was gone. Surprisingly the fog didn't reach us and we had a lovely afternoon of sunshine.

We walked into town and this is the other bay. You can see why this is such a popular destination in the summer. It also hosts the Fringe by the sea at the same time as Edinburgh. It's supposed to be a much more chilled and laid back affair.

As I'm writing this the Harr has lifted a little and we are sat outside with the view of the island back.

Tomorrow is the last nice day for a while. We will remain where we are and walk up the Berwick Law ( big hill) in the morning before exploring the town and it's taverns in particular the beer gardens.

Below is the view as we drove across the Forth Bridge.

Apparently a whale was stranded on the beach we are parked alongside last night. It seems that they were able too get it refloated. Beats eastenders.

As I said that we have a couple of dozen gannets dropping out of the sky in front of us.

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