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The highest waterfall and Golden Eagles 🦅

We set off in good time hoping that the weather would improve sufficiently so we could climb up to the top of the Grey Mare falls.

Unfortunately it didn't clear sufficiently so we drove past and stopped at St Mary's Loch the largest loch in Southern Scotland.

It was a 7 mile walk around the lake and although the clouds obscured the hills it was a pleasant easy walk.

We had the loch to ourselves and it was quiet apart from the occasional gaggle of motorcyclists out on there Sunday ride. It's an ideal biker's road. Although an A road hardly any traffic great scenery and bends and curves to die for.

We came to the end of the walk and the weather was gradually improving.

Unfortunately we appear to have another problem with the van. This morning the diesel cutoff switch had been activated and we have developed a knocking noise when we turn the wheel for manoeuvring. I managed to find the reset button so we could start the van but the knocking remains.

Pulled over at the Grey Mare waterfall reputedly the highest in the UK. We started up on some very steep steps. Regretting that we hadn't bought our hiking poles with us.

We got to the top of the falls and after asking a couple coming the other way decided to keep climbing to the Loch that feeds the falls. Really glad we made the effort it was simply breathtaking. So quiet and tranquil. We had the place to ourselves apart from a couple of Golden Eagles circling above.

It was a highlight of our recent travels. A simply a must see and do thing.

It would have been nice to see it in the sunshine but the weather added to it's magical feeling.

The walk down was a little precarious at times but we were accompanied by the river and its various falls culminating in the big one at the end.

Tomorrow heavy rain is expected. We move on to an electric pitch which will enable us to charge batteries and put on the the electric radiator.

I will contact the garage for some advice while Rae has her Spanish lesson. Depending on what they say and the weather forecast for the next week will determine wether we press on or head back to base camp.

Whatever happens we will definitely revisit this area either now or in the future.

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