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The home of golf

We managed to survey the local pubs last night. There are 3 of them in the village and all three of us were made to feel welcome. Gordon does love a pub.

As a result a slightly later start than we had been planning. The drive to St Andrews was about 40 minutes and picturesque.


There are 7 different courses on the St Andrews links.

It's known as the home of golf and the game has been played here since the 1400s. We walked through the course dodging golf balls.

It was huge and well worth the visit .

We returned along the beach another long stretch of sand.

The rain held off but no sign of the promised sun. It was busier than usual as it was Mothering Sunday.

The weather looks a little dodgy for the next week. So I guess we will have to get out our rain gear. Staying in the van for days on end is certainly not an option. We have trains buses as the town is a transport hub. There are many interesting cities and towns in striking distance so we should be able too keep busy.

The picture of the cat statue is of old Hamish a cat that was adopted by the town and was fed and housed when and where he wanted .

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