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The Lambing Snow

One of the locals we spoke too told us that they expect snow this time of year hence the lambing snow.However even they were surprised at today’s weather. There have been blizzards,hail,sleet,gale force winds and blue sky's and sunshine. It was perfectly still and then in the distance you can hear the wind careening up the valley and it sounds like an express train approaching and the for about 30 seconds you’re in the midst of a hurricane and then it’s gone. Sometimes it brings snow sometimes it blows it away. On top of all of this it changes direction randomly so you are never sure where the next onslaught or hiatus will arrive from.

We spent the day locked away in the office looking at risk assessments and SOPS. We managed to start fixing the batteries on our newly converted bikes (thanks Keith)in between and during snow storms!

Popped out for a stroll making new friends on the way.

The weather oscillated from this

To this

And this

No pictures can describe or explain the wind and the roar force it brings. Living like we are we are truly aware of all the elements and without sounding like a couple of old hippies much more connected to it all.

Weather continues to be as unpredictable as today’s but hopefully the winds are reducing so sleep will be less interrupted.

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