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The last hurrah and new times ahead.

Last night at midnight the Covid rules changed up until then we had to try to police the 3 only into the toilet bloc. it’s difficult to hold a position when everyone knows in a couple of hours it will no longer be the case. Unfortunately when you add 10 young senoritas who arrived late into the mix it all became a little more complicated. Instead of 3 well behaved middle aged women respecting dignity social distancing and British modesty we had 10 vivacious young women walking around naked in the shower block unable to comprehend that we still had to enforce rules that were changing imminently. Tempers became raised briefly, eventually the situation calmed. To add insult to injury they had turned up late and by rights we should have turned them away. Rae took pity on them and tried to help out! Lesson learned.

This morning to a collective sigh of relief toilet and showers are fully open. One less stress for us all. Masks remain mandatory but not for us to police just advise.

A lovely temperate day sun and breeze and a good 10 degrees cooler than at home. My perfect weather conditions! Shh still no midges. Helped out in the office and did some strimming. Noisy and disruptive, as we had a lot of campers on site enjoying the weather I was a little constrained as to what I could do.

Off to Oban tomorrow for a couple of days. Campsite on the beach and pubs a plenty. What could go wrong? Its about a 3 hour drive so we will head off about 9 for 12 check in. Apparently its a major ferry port for the islands and a beautiful vibrant town a massive improvement on Fort William we are lead to belief.

My view as I write this! We continue to be blessed 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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