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The last remaining ferry in the world. Isolated lunch and yet more glorious scenery.

We all emerged this morning into brilliant sunshine and a little worse for wear following yesterdays reunion supper and drinks. We had managed to return from the pub undamaged and with our dignity largely intact. We had met a lovely man called Ed who it’s fare to say may have had some mental health difficulties. He regaled us with tales of life in the Highlands in the most melodic highlands accent any of us had heard. After he left I was waxing lyrical to the bar staff about him the said ‘ oh you mean Ed he’s from Cambridge he pops up here once or twice a year and is more English than Jacob Rees Mogg’. That cheered us right up and we will actively seek him out in future to listen his stories and marvel at his accent. Apparently he maintains it through out his stays.

We set off over the mountain in Bills car to the most remote cafe that I have ever eaten in. The journey was impossibly beautiful.

The background for lunch was glorious the food was superb and the owners were charming. The cafe was at the end of a 9 mile road which terminated at is door.

That’s the back garden and this is the front.

We went for a short stroll along the loch before returning to Glenelg to catch the ferry to Skye.

The ferry is the last turntable ferry still operating in the world. This allows the boat to moor alongside turn the deck side ways to let cars on and off before returning it to face forward before setting sail. Simon and Judith very kindly gave us a free ticket for the ferry. This made the journey even more enjoyable 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎. The jetty

This was the ferry journey before the Skye bridge was built. It’s a very short trip but the straight was teeming with seals,sea lions and most times otters. We did not see any otters.

We disembarked for the seven mile journey across Skye down some more single track road.

We also managed to squeeze a visit into one of the local Brochs ( prehistoric 2.500 years old)

houses for the wealthy.

Gordon was up for exploring

Tea on Skye and then over the bridge back to camp completing a circular route.

It was nice too take advantage of Bills small car to visit the cafe and use the ferry and to show off the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. It’s always nice to show visitors around as it reminds us how lucky we are to have experienced this. Work tomorrow and next day off Saturday. It seems that we are in for a spell of good weather 🤞. So hopefully we can get out again then. The sunshine and blue skies breathe fresh life into this beautiful landscape.

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