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The next leg

The lay-bye was quiet as was the road running past. We awoke early and drove the car to Cocking leaving it there and headed off to Amberly and a stopover sandwiched between a railway line and this view.

The great advantage of the nomadic lifestyle is an ever changing view from your living room.

So once again we set off in good spirits for the 13 miles walk to the car .

Passing over the water meadows of Amberly.

Towards the looming hills of the downs.

We happened across the guys doing the 100 k Gurkha run some we're running it and the stragglers some 4 hours behind certainly weren't. We guess that you could choose the distance you wanted to. Any which way it was an impressive effort for a good cause.

Rae applauded them all and offered words of encouragement. They eventually passed and for the later stage of our walk we once again experienced the quiet solitude of the downs.

With breathtaking views once again.

Gordon much to his horror was intermittently dunked in cattle troughs to cool him down. Although a reluctant participant he was enlivened following each episode. He continues to be stoic and plods on with not a murmur of protest. Although he moves very little when we arrive back at base camp.

The walk is stunning and surprisingly isolated from the mass of humanity that surrounds it. Long chalk paths through woodlands.

Followed by rolling downs.

Unexpected sights like fields of clover stretching off into the distance

On occasion Rae striding off a head but always the views, fresh air and lack of noise pollution. This is a gem of a walk.

Tomorrow we are being joined by a friend for the next leg of the walk a mile or so longer than today's. It will be nice to have company and someone to share the experience with.

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Sarah Brennan
Sarah Brennan
27 Eyl 2022

Looks like a polar bear in that cloud above Rae Love the clover field!

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