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The Painted People

We had a late night last night following our farewell tour of Perth. Which in turn necessitated a late start this morning.

Weather was a bit overcast with showers. We had rearranged a previous booking after we had to cancel due to foot issues. This was a tour of the local caves in Weymes.

The tour was free of charge and was facilitated by volunteers. Both extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

There are several caves ( indentations in sandstone) , with along history stretching back to Roman times. These are the cave drawings of the The Pictish people. So called as the Romans called them the painted people it was a derogatory term.

These are some of the oldest Pict drawings Ever found. There's a cave society who are dedicated to preserving them.

On top of the caves is the remains of the castle owned by the McDuffs descendants of Macbeth. There used to be two towers and apparently no castle was made from stone before the 14th century.

This is the cave under the castle and used to be used as a court house.

It was definitely worth a visit and surprising that

there's anything left to see. For years they have been dumping grounds for stolen cars and drugs dens. There is a lot of vandalism most of it unintentionall. It's a sight of great significance for the heritage and history of the Scottish people.

The walk to the car took us past a colony of seals. This was the first place we walked when we arrived in Fyfe back in March. We are starting to turn our thoughts to the return journey.

The weather is not looking good for the next few days. As such we are making plans in the morning when we have a clearer idea.

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