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The Scottish Borders!

Feeling refreshed after our swim and semi shower last night and the beautiful sunset we set off nice and early for the next stage.

Crossed into the Scottish Borders

The coastline changed dramatically given that we had only traveled 30 minutes south.

We had been aiming for St Abbs harbour where you can park overnight for £15. But on the way we saw a sign for the beach. Taking a chance as usually if there's a sign for a beach there will be parking we headed down the single track road. The beach awaited along with a spacious free car park. Others were there and had stayed with no problems. So we decided to stay . We had a chat them and then set off on the coastal path to Eyemouth about 4 miles away. This is the bay we are parked on.

This is the coastal path towards Eyemouth. This is a totally different coast line than the ones we have been used to further north. Gone are the huge stretches of sand ann now we have cliffs and rocks.

This is the view over Eyemouth not a particularly pretty place but they are trying to gentrify the harbour. Although it remains a very busy fishing port.

On the return journey we came across this crustacean on a piece of driftwood.

The shoreline was scattered with rocks of all shapes and sizes.

We walked up to St Abbs the next village along with this sculpture dedicated to fishermen and their families.

A mostly sunny day became overcast with a cold breeze blowing off the sea.

On returning to the van the guys we had been speaking to had left us a message in the grass in stones with their facebook address.

Nice work! We have messaged them and will see! Strangely they come from where we have been staying in Glenrothes. Small world...

Some good news the parking ticket we got recently which I appealed had been rescinded. That's 3 parking tickets contested and 3 parking tickets struck out. On a winning streak 😎.

Tomorrow we move down the road to Eyemouth. We have spoken to the campsite and we can park in the morning as we want to catch the bus into Berwick on Tweed. A brief sortie across the border.

It's good to to be somewhere a little different. Plus there's a small Gannet colony so again we have been treated to their aquatic display!

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