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The times they are a changing!

That’s our home for the last 8 months or so. We are hitched up and ready for the off. We will leave the caravan behind for the next leg and swing by on a way back from Aberdeen.

Workmen are due tomorrow to replace the fence that surrounds our erstwhile compound!

It’s the first time that we have had our outfit fully connected it’s a long vehicle of over 12 meters in length. So it will take some time to get used to especially negotiating corners!

We spent the day packing up the site taking signs down, bins,extinguishers and the such like have to be stored away and all windows boarded up. Drains have too be coverd and generally making the place as winter proof as possible. The handbrake on the van needed adjustment as it was a bit hit and miss so I headed off to Kyle to get that looked at. A 5 minute job and only £10. It took longer and cost more in diesel to get there and back. We are off down the pub for a meal paid for by the club and hopefully one or two of the locals will be joining us to say goodbye.

Farewell drinks at the local.

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