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The two boobs

There are two hills that dominate the skyline of Fyfe they are known locally as the two boobs of Fyfe. They are actually east and West Lothian.We had walked up the first one eary on in our stay up here. Then the wind was approaching 50 miles an hour. Today we decided to walk up the other one.

No wind today and visibility was a little obscured. As it was last time we climbed the other one. Looking forward too seeing it on a clear day.

That's the view from one to the other. Although overcast it still gave us great views.

The rape seed is beginning to flower and it gives an added patchwork to the scenery although not good for those suffering from hay fever.

We then took the very steep path down into the valley.

We then followed the river up the other side.

Passed a couple of waterfalls.

This was the best one but the river was a little short of water.

We reached the top and then took the old drovers path back towards the car.

Another walk close to base some tough ascents and descents but the 8 miles were very much worth the effort.

The view of one of the hills from the park adjacent to the site.

Tomorrow we are going too take the bike's out for a spin. To explore a little more.

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